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May 25, 2021


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May 25, 2021

A room should feel collected,      not decorated. – Albert Hadley


During the early months of the pandemic, stuck in our homes, many of us took stock of the state of our living spaces. If Marie Kondo had inspired us to de-clutter and tidy up, isolation caused us to purge and completely rethink our living spaces. We all looked around and realized that if we were going to be in the same three or four rooms all the time, it might be nice to like being there. 

Americans had to repurpose rooms for home offices and online school study areas. Good Will has seen record levels of donations as we cleaned out closets, garages, and attics. We deep cleaned, we redecorated, and we decided to change the pictures up on our walls. Simple posters or generic art didn’t cut it anymore—we had to stare at our own walls too much.

There is a story behind everything we frame.

The upside of all of us having more time at home is that many of our clients are finally getting around to framing art and family heirlooms. We have enjoyed seeing the treasures that clients have brought in over the past few months from a child’s early drawings to a grandfather’s purple heart medal.

What’s on your walls?

What is on our walls matters. It is about sparking joy, as Marie Kondo says, and making visible what you most love. But it’s also about defining the spaces and creating the story of your home. From art that inspires and delights to family photographs that make you smile.


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