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May 15, 2021

An award-winning artist originally from Rosario, Sinaloa, Mexico, Juan Carlos Breceda, plays  with line and an explosion of color. Breceda infuses his vision of the world with elements of surprise and magic. Breceda’s subjects are often women and animals, and he works on paper, canvas, and in ceramics and sculpture. Breceda has exhibited internationally in the United States, South America, and Europe. He studied art at the National School of Painting, Sculpture, and Printmaking “La Esmerelda” in Mexico City. Breceda has received substantial critical recognition for his work and has won awards, including the 1997 National Contest of Drawing and Painting at the National Auditorium Gallery in Mexico City. Please visit our shop during the month of May to discover the genius of Breceda’s art.


Our founder, SuAnne Martinez, started her framing business out of a love for art. While we frame everything under the sun, we love supporting artists. Whether you are preparing for your first solo show or framing that first painting, we are here to help you find affordable, fun, or custom frames that work seamlessly with your art.

Artist’s Statements from InMexico

Express Yourself Interview

Proudest achievement: Dedicating a lifetime to being an artist.

Favorite piece of work: All my works become favorites; each one has a different emotion and intention.

How has Mexico inspired your work? Having been born in Mexico has filled my work with the expression of color, traditions and the magic of popular art, inspired by all corners of Mexico’s towns and cities.

What does art mean to you? A human expression that can be transmitted through color, music, light and good intentions. Art is a resource that transports us to unimaginable worlds and leads us by hand to be free.

What inspires you? Intense work as well as artistic expression, but above all the love for doing things. 


In honor of Cinco de Mayo, West Annapolis Artworks is pleased to have works by Juan Carlos Breceda, an award-winning international artist from Sinaloa, Mexico. Breceda applies rough brush strokes of contrasting colors, discarding depth or perspective, to create simple forms filled with energy. Women and animals are the central themes in his contemporary art style. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo throughout the month of May by visiting this vibrant exhibit at West Annapolis Artworks.


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